J a m e s    S t e l l a r


For the past thirty-eight years I have had the great privilege, passion and fun of creating and exhibiting art. The time spent in my studio has been enormous and the passion to create both meaning filled work and the fun to do it has been ongoing. It has been a world that has been completely absorbing. I have tried many different mediums and themes for  expression and as I changed and grew, my perspectives have been less and less burdened by judgments and constrictions on trying new things. More than anything else this has been great to freely pursue creatively what I want, rather than adhering to a specific genuflect of style. It has been an absorbing ride and the dances in the studio to the sound of drumbeats has been literally and figuratively inspiring to my creative visions.

As to this website, I hope you enjoy it and although I have been fortunate to have had a number of exhibitions I have found my enthusiasm for this venue has held less and less of an appeal for me. Which brings me to this website, and the modern technology making it a possibility that I can do my work in the studio while sharing some of the processes, thoughts and visions with a greater number of people. 

Many of the works shown, are available for sale to those of you interested in collecting, or becoming a Patron of my work in the Great Art Patron Tradition. I do hope that all of you will enjoy this presentation of my creative vision. If you have questions or passing thoughts on what you see here please feel free to contact me via the arrow to the right and the e-mail provided.  ©



White Rag

in White Paint

splashed across a vastness of White


circumspect to nothing

in the confines of a white studio

a single sound

of clarity resounds

almost imperceptible

its being scorches

Poem from the White Studio 1982

I always pet a dog with my left hand, just in case I get bit I’ll still have my right hand to paint with !

Juan Gris